Nicole Mauro, Tea Party Poems

Nicole Mauro, Tea Party Poems

12 pages / stitched & screen printed

out of print

from Tea Party Poems

(When I Heard the Song of the Photographic Caption)

Me, drawing a Photoshopped bead on a wolf from the air

Me, on the phone with two Montrealians I thought were Sarkozy

Me, an hour behind the feeling of breath

Me, with the anonymous phalanx

Me, with maybe poisonous scientific specimen

Feeling of breath, with maybe poisonous scientific specimen, next to the éclat of death

Me, the éclat of death, in D&G

Me, Caribou Barbie, with Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, with her very own theory

Me, with Nguyen the Grocer, Theresa the Teacher, Tom the Real Estate Agent,

Greg the Teleprompter Guy, and Wendy the Waitress, with bees bashfully sipping jasmine

Joe the Plumber, in nosegays, telling me how he hasn’t slept

Elisabeth Hasselbeck with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and the éclat of death

The éclat of death, drawing Photoshopped nosegays on two Montrealians

Wolf, with Oliver Stone. Wolf, with specimen

American, with Canadian

Canadian, with Frenchman

A Vietnamese Frenchman named Nguyen, with President Calderón,

President Calderón, holding a photo of two citizens who were killed

by some hitmen from Mexico

The éclat of death, with bee, and bee, with Sarkozy, and a maverick-y Hasselbeck

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