Ryan Eckes, valu-plus

Ryan Eckes / Valu-Plus

6 X 8 / 120 pages / 978-1-940092-06-5


Ryan Eckes’ Valu-Plus continues his incisive, wry, sincere, & gorgeous examination of the city-landscape. In Eckes’ work, the city— Philadelphia, specifically— cannot be contained, but is well lived in & observed & explored. There is “a box to be gutted / between dollar tree and footlocker” & “a worry of rowhomes the body / aches out of.” Place in Eckes’ poems can shift its shape between the gutted box & the infinitely expansive— “a box / spraypainted / on the wall / in red / for stickball.” A box of air— it both is & is not there. & the city is something we are in & we carry with us in these wonderful poems. Their stubborn, brilliant sound will return to you as you walk down the street. Valu-Plus is an archive, a love-letter, a political sharp edge, a report from the adjunct-field, a wondering over “how we / live this country” & “how to live in a fucked / world.” -Pattie McCarthy

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