(Lisa Tallin, Referent Part One;

Caroline Crew & Chris Emslie, Your Stupid Fortune Gives Me Stupid Hope;

Nicole Steinberg, Clever Little Gang;

Joseph Cooper, The Caves of Ice)


Ethel Rackin, Evening

Elizabeth Savage, Woman Looking at a Vase of Flowers

Elizabeth Savage, Jane & Paige or Sister Goose, Twenty-Four Women & Girls

Andrew Klein, Bluemore (out of print)

Alicia Puglionesi, Views from the National Forests (out of print)

Jacob A. Bennett, Wysihicken [sic] (out of print)

Toby Altman, A S I D E S (out of print)

Anne Ashbaugh, Mythopoiesis (out of print)

Garin Cycholl & William Allegrezza, Aquinas and the Mississippi (out of print)

Edmund Berrigan, Your Cheatin’ Heart (out of print)

Daniel Carter, This Apparatus (out of print)

Catherine Daly, Cocktail (out of print)

Julie Fisher, Skittering Thing (out of print)

Jennifer Hill, Fragmentirety (out of print)

Natalie Knight, Xenia (out of print)

Donna Kuhn, Up Bluen

Nicole Mauro, Tea Party Poems (out of print)

Chris Mason, From To Where Out (out of print)

Jessica Nissim, Day Cracks between the Bones of the Foot (out of print)

Elizabeth Robinson, Exequey

Dan Waber, Double Acrostics (out of print)

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