Magus Magnus, The Re-echoes

Magus Magnus / The Re-echoes

6 x9 / 99 pages / $14.00

ISBN: 9780982629970

In The Re-Echoes, Magnus weaves a multilayered call-and-response that slingshots from reproduction to history to evolution to etymology. What emerges is a hymn to all imperfect repetitions, a contrapunctus in honor of the “generative combinatorial” that makes us at once very like each other, and totally unique. As in “a game of telephone,” the point is not to clone, but to decay, fracture, to make the message “re-known, re-owned.” Strange loops abound, allusive and improbable, abundant and anomalous. As it “avers the converse/ conversation,” Magnus’ fractal play of sound and sense delights, gives pause, and delights again. —Maureen Thorson

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