Kate Colby, Blue Hole

Blue Hole Cover

4th annual Furniture Press Poetry Prize / Selected by Elizabeth Robinson

Kate Colby / Blue Hole

84 pp. / 6″ X 8″ / $14.99

ISBN: 978-1-940092-11-9

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Kate Colby’s poems unfurl like a complex melody.  You wander through the day with them, following the loop of tune.  “Everything might already exist,” she writes, “but it hasn’t all been found.”  Here, perceptions open and develop within harmonic patterns. These poems—both frank and delicate—form the medium of discovery. If the “head is a holey bag,” those holes look out onto the universe as much as absorb it.  Put another way, this poetry isn’t just memorable, it embeds itself in the reader and germinates. Colby’s robust intelligence and her vulnerability make for a poetry that has durable, if evolving, meaning.  As the poet herself writes,  creation “exhausts its impetus, but traces tendril out.” 

—Elizabeth Robinson

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