Dan Thomas-Glass, Daughters of Your Century

Daughters 2

Dan Thomas-Glass / Daughters Of Your Century

7″ X 9″ / 114 pages / ISBN: 978-1-940092-09-6 / $14.99

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Daughters of Your Century begins with the “aftermath of feeling” and proceeds to recover, and uncover, an acute sense of human beingness. Dan’s immediate world of family, friends and forebears becomes the reader’s world as well; and opens a space wherein language can be discovered rediscovering itself — “to wake / to shape a fuzz to form / to make a place.” These poems are an antidote to desensitization. They relentlessly give “permission to care.” —Joseph Massey


An elegy addressed to the living, to the only-just-begun, Daughters of Your Century sings the small lament of everyday life, sends the love poems of a damaged world. The drone, the plastic gyre, gender and all its divisions–Dan Thomas-Glass refuses to look away, but neither does he give up: “Daughter your century will fight too, / though the owners will own the water.” These are dad poems, with daughters and care work at their center, minus any masculine heroics about doing that work. We poems. For all of us.  —Stephanie Young


Daughters of Your Century is devastating in the best possible way. passionate. sad. hopeful. it stands for something. it makes you want to stand for something. it is intimate and yet shoulders a universality that is so much bigger than all of us. Dan Thomas-Glass has created something beautiful, brutal, epic. a Frank O’Hara for this generation, he lives in and with the knowledge of time passing, seeking and giving importance to the dailyness of things, the dailyness of living. there is nothing more heartbreaking or resonant. “I want big meanings too my friends.”  yes. yes, i do. —erica lewis

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