Aboutness. Isness. What we are.

What sets us apart from other presses?

Furniture Press is a publisher of strangely poetical texts and ephemera, all which play at (but are not limited to)  intertextuality and appropriation. Some want to call it poetry, but poetry can express many differing, sometimes conflicting and contradictory concepts. This is what we thrive on: the ambiguation of art and its likenesses. Our poetics follows this process closely, and we look for similar aesthetics in the writers we choose to publish and promote.

What ephemera?

We’re of two minds: we make limited runs of handmade, handprinted chap/books, pamphlets and zines (anywhere from 50 to 200), but we also publish full-length books and collections.

Who are we?

Christophe Casamassima, an editor, bookmaker and writer, developed the press in 2003 with a handful of likeminded friends at Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland. It was (and still is) his goal to work closely and collaboratively with each writer in order to create artworks that complement the writer’s vision.

Jodi Hoover, a printmaker from Baltimore, recently joined the ranks of Furniture Press Books, and takes on the responsibilities of Director of Visual Arts.

Doug Mowbray, editor of twentythreebooks and visionary extraordinaire, collaborates on all fronts, from editing, event planning, promotion and development. Without his persistence it would be difficult to bring Furniture Press Books under any semblance of order.

Elizabeth Brooks, photographer extraordinaire and web manager. She developed and built the site, and now manages it because she loves what we do. And we love what she does. Thank God for Lizzy!

What do we do?

We believe that a press is a community of activity and collaboration, not just a publishing house. Our books reach into the physical environment: we hold readings througout the year, and promote our books around the eastern seaboard (we hope to expand our outreach as we grow); we hold a month-long poetry festival in April, inviting organizations to host the best of their talent and introduce new voices to new audiences; we work closely with the residents and businesses of Baltimore County and City by investing revenue and energy to increase patronage and exposure; and we collaborate with the Towson Arts Collective, a non-profit organzation that is central to the creative lives of the region’s residents, students and businesses.

What can you do?

There are numerous ways in which you can support Furniture Press books. You can buy our awesome books and develop a wider range of poetic efficacy. You can attend our readings and other events and meet the most innovative poets and performers of our time. You can buy a subscription to the press and receive all of our books as we slowly churn them out (this means subscribers get first crack at our very limited and beautful run of ephemera). You can also donate to our cause and get the love and thanks of our staff, writers and readers.

We promise that with any support, even promotional support, word of mouth, a good word or review, you will be showered with gifts and love.

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