2003-2013: Ten years, ten books, and numerous other ephemera

January 14, 2013

2013 marks the 10th anniversary of Furniture Press Books. As a treat for the poets/writers on our roster, and for myself personally, we are touring the nation from September 27 till October 13. That’s 13 cities in 17 days, including Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Beacon NY, Syracuse, Buffalo, Cleveland, Chicago, Madison WI, Iowa City, Lincoln NE, Omaha and Denver. We’ll have a full schedule of dates/times and venues as they become clear.

As for the roster, a lot of important books and chapbooks coming out this year, which continue to expand the press’ aesthetics and poetics. j/j hastain’s “myrrh to re all myth” will be available at the end of January; Martine Bellen’s “WABAC Machine” in April; Alyse Knorr’s “Annotated Glass”; Jared Schickling’s experimental essays; and, a last minute addition to the catalogue, the WORMS reading series anthology, edited and compiled by Baltimore’s R. M. O’Brien, the host of the series.

In the chapbooks arena, we’re putting the finishing touches on Jessica Nissim’s “Day cracks between the bones of the foot” while preparing Baltimore legend Chris Mason’s “Where To From Out,” which is due out in April; Tyler Carter’s “Chair and Dresser” (w/online audio component) and Jacob Bennett’s “Wysihicken” are due out later this year.

We’re also putting out a few Emergent Poets volumes in the near future, and all copies will be sent out with orders and given away free at events. Crystal Gibbins’ and Lily Herman’s issues (1 and 2) are always in production.

As a benefit to our loyal patrons, readers and friends, we are offering this year a variety of subscriptions for those who would like past books/chapbooks (while they’re still available) and future volumes (annual and lifetime). Please visit the subscriptions page to find out more.

Again, thanks for a brilliant 10 years. Let’s make it ten times ten more. This is for you all.

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