New Titles: Magus Magnus, Heraclitean Pride; Anne Ashbaugh, Mythopoiesis

October 26, 2010

In the last few months, Furniture Press Books has shifted directions (slightly), savoring the exciting new methodologies in philosophical literature.

For milenia, scholars and academics have pondered into the meanings and uses of Heraclitus’ fragmentary insights, usually to inconclusive or self-edifying ends. In the case of Heraclitean Pride, Magnus shifts our interest from the scholarly to the poetic, ascribing a circle around a practice that acts out the fragments in expansive and acoustically penetrative ways. The result is uniquely introspective and global.

 Historically, philosophy has sought to explain mythology, describing it as an attempt to make sense of unknown realities. What Ashbaugh practices is a creative work that uses mythology to explain philosophy. In turn, Mythopoiesis critiques eros and psyche from a mythological locus, breaking traditional boundaries and allowing innovativations of philosophizing to flourish. 

To read a portion from Heraclitean Pride, please visit Magus’ page.

To read a portion from Mythopoiesis, please visit Anne’s page.

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