Patience is a virtue, bookish and sly…

April 18, 2010

Please be patient while the Furniture Press Books website deconstructs itself into/out of its present confusions.

We are currently rebuilding the catalogue and our mission, which is something like the following:

“It’s about time we get back to work on disseminating innovative works of art and sponsoring poets/writers who work closely with texts-at-large, or, in other words, inter-textuality and appropriation. We created a huge catalogue of handmade chapbooks and pamphlets between the years 2003-2005, all of which have disappeared into the hands of the fortunate. The next phase of the press is to expand production.

“Originally, our chapbooks were published in editions of 50, each handsewn with screenprinted covers. Now that we have been given the resurrection treatment via Towson Arts Collective, we finally have our 501(c)3 status, which means better quality works that span a greater universe of new and innovative writing. And the meager 50 runs can move into the hundreds.”

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